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Tile and Grout Cleaning
counter before after tile cleaningTILE AND GROUT CLEANING BFORE AND AFTERAre you tired of getting on your hands and knees to scrub your tile & grout lines? Does your household cleaners make you work harder to get the stains and dirt off the tile and grout because they don't have the strength to release the stains from your tile and grout lines? Then 24/7 Carpet & Floor Care has the answer for you. We actually specialize in tile & grout cleaning to make your floors look new again. At 24/7 Carpet & Floor Care we use high -  tech truck mount cleaning system with very high heat and pressure to release the dirt and grime from your tile & grout lines in your floors, shower walls and counter tops and will even include sealer to protect it from stains ,  dirt and grime so you can maintain your beautiful floors after we deep clean them for you .
24/7 Carpet & Floor Care we clean your tile in five steps process.
# 1  We mop on ether a alkaline or acidic solution depending on the shape of your floors ,  how long its been since it was clean before and  if its been sealed before makes a big difference on the way we clean it. We let the solution sit on the tile & grout lines for at least 5 to 10 minutes to let it break down the dirt and grime. Then we start step 2 .
#2  Then we hand brush each grout line with a grout brush to release the dirt and grime off the grout. We do this to help because grout is very pores this helps the rest of cleaning steps for efficient clean. Its a little more effort but we don't  mind we want your floors at 100%.
#3 Then we do a deep scrub to release the remaining dirt and grime from the tile and once again the grout . After this step all the dirt and grime should be broken down. So now we can start step 4.
#4 We use high pressure and heat to rinse the loose dirt and grime from the tile and grout . This step everything is removed by extraction such as dirt , grime , solution and access water leaving floors looking like new again.
#5 Then we dry the surface one more time to make sure surface it  is completely dry and do any touch up if needed. Then we put sealant down to protect the tile and grout it is included because this will help you maintain it and will help with the next professional cleaning.
Tile Counters cleaning
We also clean tile counter tops to get all that food , grime and spills off them to make them fresh , clean and looking new again . We also seal them so you can keep them clean yourself.
Shower Tile Cleaning
We also can clean your shower tile and seal it making it look new again.
Grout Sealing
We include sealer for all tile jobs to protect your investment and to help you maintain your investment.
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