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Carpet Repairs

24/7 Carpet Floor Care we do all kind of carpet repairs. Has your animal tore a hole in your carpet ? Or has your carpet wrinkle over the years? Or if you need any other repairs we do it all. Even repair carpets after flood damage has happened.
Cut & Plug
Its when we take a tear or rip from your carpet and replace it with a new piece so you could never tell there was anything wrong in the first place.
Re Stretch
Is when we take wrinkle and buckles out of your carpet were needed.
Seam Repair 
Is how carpets are seam together mostly in door ways. Some times pets like to chew them so they may need repairing.
Flood Damage Repair
Its when you put padding back from flood and restretch carpet like it never happened.

If you need professional repair work call us at(702) 472 - 5547

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